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Motion Graphics
Motion graphics, for film tiltles or TV program openings, advertising  or graphic demonstrations within a television program, require the designer to choreograph space and time. Images, narration, movement, sound and music are woven into a multisensory communication.
Film title design

Film titles allow viewers to transition mentally and emotionally  from reality to fantasy. Film titles help to create this transition and set the dramatic stage for what is to come. Whether designing opening title or special effects that will appear throughout a film, designers have to keep their purpose in mind. According to Rich Greenberg, designer of the film titles for Dracula  “Nobody goes to a film for the effects; they go for the story. Effects must support the narrative.”


TV Graphics

Designers produce TV graphics for program introductions, titles,and promotional pieces.
The designer must find a visual vocabulary
to provide common visual features, establishing a time and a place—without actually telling the story.


Graphic Design: A Career Guide and Education Directory
Edited by Sharon Helmer Poggenpohl
Copyright 1993
The American Institute of Graphic Arts



Broadcast design

Often working independently as consultants or freelancers, graphic or broadcast designers may be hired by print, television or film production companies to visually convey a message in the most innovative and cost-effective way. Individuals or small businesses looking to create a website or promotional materials also call on graphic designers. Broadcast designers primarily work in the media and entertainment industries.

Tasked with producing designs such as network logos or the opening sequences of nightly news programs, broadcast designers often utilize programs such as Cinema 4D and After Effects. Broadcast designers may also be referred to as motion graphic artists. They generally work with animation and 3-D design elements. Broadcast designers must be conscious of color, space, composition, text and audio.



Often working with artistic and creative directors, writers, technicians, producers and other artists, broadcast designers are generally good listeners and effective communicators. They must possess adequate drawing and composition skills because many ideas and presentations begin with a sketch or storyboard. Storyboards are illustrative outlines of a scene or sequence of scenes to be filmed or animated later. These sketches are presented to clients and may undergo revisions.

Broadcast designers often work under tight deadlines and budgets. Often working with the latest design software, broadcast designers must stay abreast of technological advances, such as the advent of digital television. Designers usually work normal hours, but may shift them to accommodate client schedules and deadlines.

Education Requirements

Employers typically prefer to hire individuals with a bachelor's degree. Whether earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts, designers generally take courses in studio art practices, such as drawing and painting, in addition to classes centered on the use of multimedia, such as animation and photograph, Knowledge of programs such as Final Cut Pro/Premiere Pro/After Effects is usually required.
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Finding Work:

Animal Logic
Animal Logic is one of the world's most creative digital studios producing award winning, ground breaking and trail blazing animation, visual effects and design.

Fox Studios Australia
Australia provides end-to-end support for international and domestic companies producing film and television in Australia.


10 Network (Channel 10)

Nine Entertainment (Channel 9)


Seven West Media (Channel 7)
is Australia’s leading multiple platform media company with a market-leading presence in broadcast television, magazine and newspaper publishing and online.




Animation & Motion Graphics Studio


The DMCI is a broadcast and motion design studio based in Sydney.


A specialist studio providing bespoke visual effects, animation and live action production for commercials, films and augmented reality experiences.


Hank Mango

A boutique Motion Graphics and Animation studio in Sydney. Specialising in Explainers, Advertising, Corporate Presentations, and Broadcast Graphics.

Motion Graphics Studio Melbourne & Sydney


is a digital production company based in Sydney, delivering creative solutions including motion graphics, founded by award winingdesigner Luke Trevitt.



Jumbla is a motion graphics and animation studio based in Melbourne. High quality 2D & 3D motion graphics for the advertising & film production industries.


XYZ Studios​

'Cream O' Crop'. 2x 'Motion Designer of Year'. Board Awards, New York. 2x 'Hotshop of the Year'. Australian Creative, Sydney.



ALMONDO Studio empower social enterprise projects by providing visual communication solutions. ... persecution worldwide. Illustration, Motion Graphics. 2016.


Animation Videos for Business & Motion Graphics Studio ...

Designand produce animations using 2D and 3D graphics, stop motion.


Animation, Live Action, Motion Graphics Studio Sydney

Hackett Films provides animation, production, design, motion graphics, illustration, live action and games/apps based in Sydney, Australia.


Paul Ducco
Design and Animation

Motion graphics title sequence animation interactive video Supernaut animation Melbourne Design Studio Sydney animation Sydney ...


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