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This qualification is for those who want to work as commercial photographers or use photography and digital imaging in their creative art or  graphic design work.



Cert IV
& Photoimaging


About the Cert IV of Photography and Photo Imaging

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have professional level specialised, technical and theoretical skills to plan, carry out and evaluate photo imaging services.

Practice at this level is underpinned by application of design theory and the ability to critically analyse and synthesise information from a range of sources.

Practitioners may work in a range of industry contexts, including commercial, domestic portrait, media, wedding, illustrative, institutional and art photography.

The course covers skills in Photography including the use of studio lighting. The Hornsby campus has 2 fully equiped Photography studios with up to date cameras & lighting equipment. Students will photograph a wide range of subjects and learn to enhance their photography using specific functions in Adobe Photoshop.
Skills such as photo retouching in Photoshop will be covered as well as photo compositing


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