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Typography is art with a purpose. Driven by functionality, the typographer’s painstaking craft is dedicated towards the creation of legible and readable characters for printing. Typefaces are silent masterpieces. The nuances and intricacies of an effective typeface go undetected by the reader whose primary concern is the information they are consuming. However, the subtle aesthetic of the letters can have a profound influence in its own right. The careful shaping of each character enhances the reader’s experience and each serif or curve holds its own semantic force.

What do
Typographers do

Anytime you read something in print, be it on a website, poster, advertisement or in a book, you’re looking at the art of typography and the work of a Typographer. Typography is a field dedicated to the layout of letters (type), and a Typographer is the person who understands how to design and arrange these letters into different styles for a variety of purposes.


Font Design


Type designer Nadine Chahine on why she loves her job – and why you need to be passionate about communication to make it in this field—Guardian Careers Article

Significant Type Designers


Australian Type Designers


Australian Type Foundary

Australian Type Foundry [ATF] began in 2001 as a commercial outlet for the fonts of designer Wayne Thompson.

Today, Australian Type Foundry retails almost 100 original typefaces through online outlets around the world, and continues to design and market new type designs.


Foster Type
"A powerful visual presence is necessary for any message to survive amongst the noise of today. Dave specialises in giving the durability of form required for words to achieve that presence. From single letters to entire typefaces, he tailors custom letter-forms to specific purposes." Dave Foster.
 Foster Type is the typographic work of Dave Foster, an independent designer based in Sydney


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